Why I Travel

Why do I travel? Because I need to.

I have always been an explorer. Even from a very young age.

One of my most vivid early memories was of my panicked father standing on the bridge at Kakabeka Falls as he searching the crashing swells below him. Continue reading Why I Travel


Our (mis) Adventure to Ezstergone

A story of togetherness and the disaster it lead to

About 2.5 years ago I went on a trip to Europe with Kaitlin. I’ve wanted to write a post about that trip since I started this blog but our entire adventure from start to finish was so ridiculous that, until now, I’ve struggled to successfully capture it into words.

It all started on a cold and windy night in January. The year was 2014 and Kaitlin and I had just decided that we would go on a Eurotrip together. (Ok – so I don’t really remember what the weather was like that night, but it was January in Toronto so I’m pretty sure it was just the worst). The decision was made late at night sitting at Sweaty Betty’s over beers. Continue reading Our (mis) Adventure to Ezstergone

Wanderlust Vs Adulting

Over the last several years I’ve had two very strong, mutually exclusive desires:

The ever present and often overwhelming urge to rent a storage locker, pack my Toronto life into it and set out across the globe without a care in the world…


The simultaneous desire to move out of my houseshare and rent myself a beautiful one bedroom “grown up” apartment which I can fill with nice furniture that I don’t’ have to put together myself, with beautifully decorated walls and a dining table I could throw dinner parties on… Continue reading Wanderlust Vs Adulting