48 Hours in Istanbul

My 2 days in Istanbul wasn’t nearly enough! This was a city that had been on my bucket list for years, though I didn’t actually know that much about it. The only images I had in my mind of Istanbul had been painted there from the stories I’d heard from fellow travelers over the years, all of whom told me I had to go; that Istanbul was a special place with a certain exoticness to it, that it was unique, that it was a beautiful, exciting. It was the only city in the world to sprawl across 2 continents. It was once Constantinople!

I had to know it.

And once I did I immediately understood what all those others guys had been on about. Continue reading 48 Hours in Istanbul


India for an Instant – My Golden Triangle Experience

In December I was given the chance to spend one week in India; not very long but it was an opportunity and I jumped at it.

In my mind, India was this magical place of cows, spices and heat that I was sure would speak deeply to my heart and that I would fall in love with.

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Chasing Sunrise – Mt Bromo

Indonesia has always held a very compelling draw for me – it always seemed to be such a beautiful and exotic country, heavily steeped in diversity. Often times when people think Indonesia their mind settles on thoughts of Bali and they fail to think further. So much so in fact that many people operate on the false belief that Bali is a country in its own right, when it’s actual just one of the over 17,000 tiny islands which makes up the Indonesian archipelago; a mere raindrop in the sea of incredible that the country has on offer.

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Abel Tasman: Don’t worry, we’ve got time…

May 1st 2015

Abel Tasman National Park is the one of my favourite places in New Zealand. When I started planning my trip back I knew right away that it was a must on the list of things I wanted to share with Kathleen.

The park itself, located on the Northwest tip of the Abel tasman map (2)South Island, is the smallest national park in the country, but remains highly popular due to its 60 km Coastal Track – one of New Zealand’s “9 Great Walks.”

Our day started early with the 1 hour drive from our hostel in Nelson to Marahau where we were due to meet the water taxi for a lift up the coast to Bark Bay. From here the plan was to spend one amazing day soaking up all that the park had to offer as we walked the 21 km back out to our car. Continue reading Abel Tasman: Don’t worry, we’ve got time…

And the Adventure Begins…

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while now. My main passion in life is travel – wandering to new, exotic places and getting lost in the experience! Wanderlust took hold of me me at quite an early age and it’s never let me go.

My itchy travel feet have taken me all over the world (22 countries and counting). I’ve tried all sorts of amazing foods, met so many fantastic individuals and taken a million photos (that’s another one of my passions) but I’ve never really kept a record of it, until now that is. Over the years I’ve had a few people tell me that I should really  be writing about my adventures, so today I decided “why not?” Continue reading And the Adventure Begins…