Defying the Odds

This celebratory photo was taken at the exciting moment serendipity decided to intervened and point us in the right direction!

Prague, Europe, Euro-trip, serendipity

When Kaitlin and I left our hostel that day in Prague we thought we had a map. Turns out, we didn’t! But we didn’t let that stop us on our mission to find the Prague Train Station (Hlavni Nadrazi). We picked a random direction and set out, relying on some sleuthing and our gut intuition, knowing the odds were against us.

You can imagine our delight when we stumbled upon this sign!

This post was inspired by this weeks photo challenge: Against the Odds


Snow, Love & Lake Louise: My Banff National Park Adventure

In December Dave headed out west to fulfill his travel aspiration of spending the ski season in Lake Louise. I supported him (even though it meant 3.5 months apart) because keeping someone close to you involves supporting their dreams, even if that means loving them from a distance for a while.

Luckily, Lake Louise is one of  the most beautiful places in Canada so it wasn’t very difficult to convince me to come out for a visit (despite my preference for sunshine and bikinis over snowpants and wind chill). I spent the 1st week of February there and every moment was breathtaking.

Dave and I don’t mess around when we holiday. Banff National Park boasts pretty much every winter activity out there and we wanted to try them all!

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My Shadow Self

I’ve always liked to play around with shadows in my photography and over the years I’ve photographed myself personified by shadow on more than one occasion. This shot is unique because it captures my first flirtation with the shadow selfie concept, way back in 2010, before the prominence of smart phones had made selfies an every day thing. I was thrilled by the contrast my body cast amidst the bright orange sand of the red centre of Australia’s outback as the sun set behind me.


Inspiration for this post courtesy of this week’s Photo Challenge: Shadow

Our (mis) Adventure to Ezstergone

A story of togetherness and the disaster it lead to

About 2.5 years ago I went on a trip to Europe with Kaitlin. I’ve wanted to write a post about that trip since I started this blog but our entire adventure from start to finish was so ridiculous that, until now, I’ve struggled to successfully capture it into words.

It all started on a cold and windy night in January. The year was 2014 and Kaitlin and I had just decided that we would go on a Eurotrip together. (Ok – so I don’t really remember what the weather was like that night, but it was January in Toronto so I’m pretty sure it was just the worst). The decision was made late at night sitting at Sweaty Betty’s over beers. Continue reading Our (mis) Adventure to Ezstergone

Reflections – My 2016

The social media world seems to collectively agree that 2016 was the worst year. Yes, it certainly stole a shocking number of celebrities from us, and true, the world seemed to have collectively voted poorly for things (Brexit, Trump, etc).  I do have a few friends who legitimately had very difficult years. But when I reflect back on my last 12 months I see a year well spent, filled with happiness, adventure and people I love.

Was 2016 my best year ever? No, I wouldn’t go that far. I think 2009/10 and 2015 outrank it. But it had a lot of highlights and only a few things I think I would have done differently. Continue reading Reflections – My 2016

Taipei and Beyond

I’ve been to Taiwan twice now. Both for very short periods of time. The first was 2 years ago; I spent 24 hours in Taipei on a forced overnight on my way home from Bali. During the one day that I had I went on a whirlwind wander of the city that included a stop at Longshen Temple (the oldest Buddhist temple in Taiwan), a sausage bun from the street and then consequentially almost throwing up during the changing of the guards at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (I made it outside, thankfully!).

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Wanderlust Vs Adulting

Over the last several years I’ve had two very strong, mutually exclusive desires:

The ever present and often overwhelming urge to rent a storage locker, pack my Toronto life into it and set out across the globe without a care in the world…


The simultaneous desire to move out of my houseshare and rent myself a beautiful one bedroom “grown up” apartment which I can fill with nice furniture that I don’t’ have to put together myself, with beautifully decorated walls and a dining table I could throw dinner parties on… Continue reading Wanderlust Vs Adulting