My Happy Place

My heart will always be with Lake Superior. I’ve seen a lot of spectacular and beautiful things from red sandstone of Uluru to the aqua depths of Halong Bay. I’ve climbed the ancient ruins of Borobudur, explored Angkor Wat and kayaked through Milford Sound. I’ve experienced more epic beauty than I could possibly list here.

And yet, there is still something so magnetic about the North Shore of Lake Superior that calls to me when I am away and pulls at me when I am on my way back.


As I child I spent hours sitting on the rocks, staring down into it’s turquoise depth; mesmerized by its churning movement.

The lake is powerful. It is beautiful. It is deadly.

As you sit gazing out across its vastness it’s like looking across an ocean. You cannot see the other side; so big it even experiences a tidal pull. The water is perfect; crystal clear and gorgeously inviting.

But don’t let it trick you. Even in the middle of summer, Canada’s greatest lake never warms up (it tends to hover around just 4°C). Swimming in it is invigorating and it is fun to play in its crashing waves, but be prepared for the shock!

The Lake itself is not a singular place as it is so large, but regardless of where I am along its shores I am happy. There are two places in particular that extra special to me. Pukaskwa National Park and T-Harbour (which is part of the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park). These two places will always feel as if they belong to me. When I am there, they are mine and I am at peace.

Today’s post was inspired by this week’s Photo Challenge by The Daily Post – Favorite Place – What’s your happy place? Let me know in the comments 🙂 

For more beautiful pictures and to read about my most recent visit to Lake Superior check out this post 

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