Itchy Travel Feet

For me, wanderlust is both the longing and the need to go on an adventure to explore a new place, and it is something I have been afflicted with my entire life.

Warning: Side effects of this affliction may include: open mindedness, self reliance, unsatisfaction with the 9-5, and empty bank accounts

If travel was a person she would be the supporting actor to my life’s play. She’s taught me so much and has played such a key role in shaping me into the person that I am today.

When I saw that this week’s Photo Challenge was Wanderlust I knew I had to participate.

And what a challenge it was! Narrowing down the thousands of travel photos that I have to to a single one that best illustrates what Wanderlust means to me? Whew, what a task!

Well, the Earth is a insanely cool place and I’m a crazy nature lady so one of the major things that influences my travel is hiking and outdoor adventure. I live for hoisting up my backpack and setting off into the wild unknown.

Tongarirro Apline Crossing, New Zealand

This photo was taken back in 2010. It was barley dawn, freezing cold (there was literally ice on the creek) and not exactly sunny but nothing could take away from how stoked I was to be setting off on New Zealand’s Tongarirro Crossing. This hike ended up being one of the most rewarding single day treks of my life; 19.4 spectacular kilometers of rugged and diverse terrain, starting with the the barren tundra depicted above, continuing passed some epic volcanic landscapes (including Mt. Doom from LoTRs) and then finally culminating in a lush jungle. By the end of it I felt like I’d traversed through several different worlds in a single day.

It was just incredible.

And it’s exactly this kind of invigorating new experience that fills me with wanderlust.

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I'm a traveler by passion and also by trade and I'm loving life. On my adventures I’m always on the hunt for the best local cuisines and the most thrilling outdoor activities that I can find!

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