Adventures in Toronto’s High Park

One of the best things about Toronto is its green spaces. For a large, sprawling urban metropolis, Canada’s largest city is fortunate enough to be  filled to the brim with gorgeous parks that provides the nature lover city dwellers like me an easy escape from the concrete jungle where we can get off the pavement and surround ourselves in nature.

My #1 place to escape is The Toronto Islands. You can read my post about the islands here. But when I have a little less time I always adore a stroll through the High Park Trails, where you can immerse yourself in the sounds of the chickadees and hum of the cicadas almost instantly after alighting from the subway.

There are always plenty of animals to see from cute little chipmunks, squirrels galore, lots of ducks and geese and other birds and I saw a gopher once. And other, less normal animals are also always popping up in the park. A few years ago a baby alligator was found there, and the capybaras from the Park’s petting zoo escaped early this year and spent the spring alluding (somehow) all attempts to get them back for weeks! This lead to some pretty hilarious news headlines such as:
Fugitive High Park Zoo Capybaras Duo Eludes Search – Toronto Star

World’s Largest Rodents On Lam From Toronto Zoo – National Geographic

Search for High Park Capybaras Brings out the Mayor – Toronto Sun

Missing Toronto Capybara Spotted Swimming in High Park Pond – Global News

For real. This was a  thing!

High Park is also a fantastic place to go during the spring while the many cheery blossoms are in bloom – this sight is absolutely stunning, but be quick because they don’t last long!

I spend the afternoon on Sunday strolling through the park. There were no exotic animals around this time (as far as I could see) though I suspect there were quite a few Pokemon (Pokemon Go had just been released that day in Canada). Every other person I passed was walking around staring into their cell phones and there were plenty of groups out all abuzz with Pokemon chatter. I wasn’t personally out to catch them all so I couldn’t actually tell you what little guys were specifically in High Park drawing out the masses. The day was glorious. Perhaps they also just wanted to take in the nature while they hunted. Regardless, I had a really gorgeous time.

I like to walk to the far end of the park. Here you can cross a few big roads and you’ve made it all the way to the western Harbourfront which is always a happening place on a sunny Sunday.

CN Tower and Toronto Skyline
Looking Back On My City

Eventually, Instagram brought to my attention that it was national ice  cream day, so naturally I grabbed myself a cone of my own before finding myself a streetcar home.

Thanks for reading!  

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