Isle of Wight – Hiking the Coastal Path

After spending most of June apart, Dave and I decided to take a mini stay-cation to the Isle of Wight. As it was only a 15 minute hovercraft ride across the sea it seemed like a great choice (plus it was supposed to have some of the area’s best hiking and I was pretty eager to try out my new hiking boots).

I’ll back up a minute.

Yes, I said hovercraft. Portsmouth is the only place in the world that has a public hovercraft that essentially flies its passengers from Southsea to Ryde on the Isle of Wight. I wont pretend it wasn’t cool. It was a pretty neat way to start our little mini-break.  Continue reading Isle of Wight – Hiking the Coastal Path


Eating My Way Through Amsterdam

When I first started doing my research for Amsterdam the overwhelming consensus (online and from friends) was that Amsterdam is awesome but the food scene sucked.

As a foodie, I found this both disappointing and a bit hard to believe, with Amsterdam being such a large, cultural city. So, I dug a little bit deeper and, with the help Google and Trip Advisor, was able to put these bad food rumours to bed. Continue reading Eating My Way Through Amsterdam

My Happy Place

My heart will always be with Lake Superior. I’ve seen a lot of spectacular and beautiful things from red sandstone of Uluru to the aqua depths of Halong Bay. I’ve climbed the ancient ruins of Borobudur, explored Angkor Wat and kayaked through Milford Sound. I’ve experienced more epic beauty than I could possibly list here.

And yet, there is still something so magnetic about the North Shore of Lake Superior that calls to me when I am away and pulls at me when I am on my way back. Continue reading My Happy Place

The Best Days of My Life: The Tongariro Crossing

For my second post in this series we stay in New Zealand, but this time we go back in time to my first visit in 2010.

Tongarirro Apline Crossing, New ZealandIt was dark when I left. Two hours later I was dropped at the Mangatepopo Valley trailhead along with the pre-dawn light. It was only early autumn but that didn’t stop the trickling brooks from being glassed over by ice. It would be a spectacular day but it hadn’t quite gotten there yet so I pulled up  my hood, breathed in a frosty breath and took my first steps on the famous Continue reading The Best Days of My Life: The Tongariro Crossing

The Best Days of My Life: Swimming with Dolphins

The last little while I’ve been in a bit of a rut (it’s winter, so no real surprise there). I haven’t had a lot of motivation or inspiration to write much of anything, and as my 31st birthday approaches I’m once again plagued by that sinking sensation, that nagging fear of “what have I done with my life?!”

It’s times like these that I’m forced to stop and take a moment to remind myself that while I might not be exactly where I expected to be in my 30’s, I’ve still done a lot with the time I’ve had. My life has been filled with amazing experiences that have spanned across almost the entire world.

So, instead of sitting and wallowing, I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone and get back to writing while reminiscing about the most spectacular days of my life in a series of blog posts.

So, to start it all off, let’s get on a plane and head to New Zealand’s South Island, to the sunny and gorgeous seaside town of Continue reading The Best Days of My Life: Swimming with Dolphins

2017 – Reflections & Thoughts

Seemingly unaware, time seems to be passing me by entirely too quickly and I suddenly find myself in January 2018. I cannot believe I’ve already been here in the UK for 4 months and that 2017 has disappeared behind me completely!

Looking back on my 2017 I feel really lucky. 2017 was chock full of highlights and amazing experiences. I set out to accomplish a lot of big goals and succeeded in them all. New Country, new job, and a radically different life experience all round. It hasn’t all been easy but its certainly be rewarding and worth it and I couldn’t be more happy with where I am.

So, as we head into a new year I just want to take a minute to look back on 2017 and all of its awesome: Continue reading 2017 – Reflections & Thoughts

Thunder Bay Meets Budapest

Well, October came and went and with it so did the lovely Alyssa Paterson. After getting a little turned around, I found her at a quaint little cafe located just off of a very rainy Budapest street. It had been almost a year since we’d last seen each other, so obviously, there was lots of excited loudness as we caught up over hot chocolate and lattes.  Continue reading Thunder Bay Meets Budapest